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Why we decided to work on most exhaustive reports, data sheets, landscape reports & Syndicated reports?

But before you get to know our why let’s go back one step and see what problems we wanted to solve. The most common problem we identified in the industry was people buying multiple reports to make sure they are not missing on any insight, and we always thought why no one spends time to do exhaustive reports covering everything.

While at the same time we also understood people wanted quick landscape report in good presentable form and some needed just the data sheets when the only thing mattered was numbers.

We wanted to raise the bar

So we all came together to build Arizton with the mission of producing industries most exhaustive and comprehensive reports along with products that solved other pain points.

We don’t claim to be there yet but we have started dominating in 2 categories already, Data center reports and Garden tool reports.


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997 data centers, 10 regions, 87 Countries, 457 cities covering segments like Electrical, Mechanical, Cooling, Power, Generator & UPS

And to be where we are we wanted to build a team of awesome analysts, editors, and we are glad we met the right ones quite early on who helped us refine our metholodgy and process further with their own experience.

You can read about our end-to-end process of coming up with exhaustive reports here.

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