Growing Use of Insulin Needle Pens Likely To Drive Safety Needles Market Growth


Needles are the most commonly used medical device in the healthcare industry. The IV catheters, needles, and syringes market consist of various types of medical needles for different procedures. The different types of needles available in the market are used for the administration of drugs, acupuncture, and supply of nutrients to patients. The rising incidence of chronic diseases and increasing number of accident cases is propelling the growth of the global needle market. The different types of needles are used for biopsy procedures, insulin administration, administration of high-viscosity fluids, and drugs in the global market. The growing risk of contamination and risk of infection is propelling the adoption of safety needles in the global market.

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Safety Needles Market – Overview and Product Segmentation

The rising number of needlestick injuries across the world is propelling the growth of the safety needles market. The lack of inexperienced medical professionals in both developed and emerging countries will boost the adoption of these devices in the healthcare industry. Active safety needles are engineered under safety-engineered devices and are the most widely used needles for the administration of vaccines and medications. These devices are the most common safety products used and produced in the global market. Passive safety needles are engineered under passive medical condition and require no action by the end-users. The leading manufacturers are leveraging advanced technology to introduce pen needles for testing blood samples and help in reducing the risk of needlestick injuries in the global needles market.

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The different types of products available in the global safety needles market are:

  1. Suture Needles: These types of needles are commonly used products in the market for wound suturing. The needle selection is based on the size and purpose of suturing. Cutting suture needles are used for general skin closure and subcutaneous tissue. These needles are also used for plastic and ophthalmic surgeries. FSLX needles are used for suturing large P3 needles are used for the closure of small incisions such as facial reconstructive surgery and hand surgeries. Tapered suture needles are also known as round-bodied needles, which are used for the closure of soft tissues such as gastrointestinal, vascular, and fascia tissues. CT2 needles are used closing for the uterus, whereas SH needles are used for the closure of tissue layers after breast surgery in the needles market.
  2. Blood Collection Needles: Blood collection needles are the simplest and most commonly used products. These are the cheapest needles available in the market, due to the high demand in hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers. The ease of handling has contributed to the high product demand in the needle market.
  3. Ophthalmic Needles: There are different types of needles used in ophthalmic surgeries. Suture needles are one of the needles required in ophthalmic surgeries. Micro-fine needles are used in ophthalmic surgeries in the needles market.
  4.  Dental Needles: Dental needles are used in dental surgeries and other dental procedures for the administration of anesthesia in the needle market. However, the demand for dental needles has reduced over the past years with the introduction of anesthetic sprays for a dental procedures.
  5. .Insufflation Needles: These needles are used in laparoscopic procedures, and are also one of the oldest and most conventional needles in use. The needle helps in creating pneumoperitoneum for laparoscopic surgeries in the needle market.
  6. Pen Needles: The pen needle is one of the advanced forms of needle available in the market. These are commonly used by patients with diabetes who require multiple insulin dosages. These pen needles are amongst the most widely used products in the needles market in recent years. The leading vendors in the safety needles market are BD, Terumo, and BioCorp.

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