How are Robotics and AI Transforming the Medical X-Ray Market?


The rising prevalence of various acute and chronic diseases is increasing the demand in the medical x-ray market. Approximately, 33% of the adults suffers more than one chronic disease or MCC worldwide. The increasing use of advanced technology and growing popularity of portable or mobile x-rays devices is expected to surge the demand in the medical x-ray market. According to Arizton, the emergence of artificial intelligence and robotic-enable digital systems will drive the future growth of the global medical x-ray market. Due to such kind of technology advancement, market players are getting advantages to improve their software capabilities and product offerings in the medical x-ray market. In addition, substantial disease burden and need for advanced treatment are offering significant growth opportunities in the global medical x-ray market.

The market is witnessing new phase of technology advancement with introduction of many advanced and innovative x-ray devices. Innovations in digital x-ray devices, procedure, and construction play a pivotal role in increasing the effectiveness of these medical devices. Robotic and AI powered x-rays devices to increase productivity by precision and high grade of automation. Owing to the significant benefits of AI & robotic enabled digital X-ray devices, market players are now focusing on introduction of AI and robotic powered systems. One of the key players, Fujifilm recently developed AI technologies that will support diagnostic imaging workflow, leveraging the combination of its deep learning innovations and distinct image processing legacy. Unacademy for PC Diksha app for PC

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Increasing Popularity of Mobile X-Ray Devices

Medical technologies are continuously evolving, and medical x-ray market is increasingly moving towards the integration of mobile modality. Mobile medical x-ray systems have been a useful tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients in settings such as ICUs, nursing homes, prisons, or in shelters for the homeless, and accident spots where transfer to the hospital radiology department can pose an obstacle. As mobile medical x-ray systems are easy to set up, quick to move, easy to park next to a patient’s bedside, and easy to disinfect, and prepare for the next exam, it is gaining popularity among HCPs across the healthcare industries. Mobile X-ray machines are considered as an excellent medical device, since they allow HCPs in the military, sports teams, those who work with immobile patients, to save time and money, while providing quality care to patients. Chest x-rays with mobile devices are often performed on acutely ill patients who are too critical to be transported to a dedicated X-ray imaging room. Therefore, for such type of patients, bedside mobile X-rays can meet the urgent need for digital medical imaging.

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Impact of COVID-19 on Medical X-ray Market

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have a profound impact on digital radiography practices across the globe. Social distancing coupled with lockdown across countries to minimize the transmission of coronavirus has led to decreased demand of certain healthcare practices such as medical imaging. According to Arizton’s recent market research report, the utilization of interventional x-ray procedures is likely to decline in 2020, thereby, delaying new purchase of digital x-ray devices until the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. Furthermore, the favorable research initiatives for utilizing digital imaging in collaboration with latest technology such as AI for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases will boost the future growth of the medical x-ray market in the US.

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FAQs about the Medical X-Ray Market:

Q]. What is the medical x-ray market size?

A. The medical x-ray market size is expected to cross revenue of over USD 17 billion by 2025.

Q]. What is the medical x-ray market growth?

A. The medical x-ray market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 7% during the forecast period.

Q]. What is the market segmentation of the medical x-ray?

A. The medical x-ray market is segmented by application, portability, end-users, and geography.

Q]. What is the market insight of the medical x-ray?

A. The hospitals end-user segment is expected to witness an incremental growth of over USD 2.5 billion by 2025 due to the large uptake of digital X-ray devices mainly in emergency room procedures.

Q]. What are the major regions in the medical x-ray Market?

A. The leading regions in the medical x-ray market include North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.


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