260-280nm UV-C LED Market Will Contribute Almost Double Revenue of 200-230nm UV-C LED Market in 2028- Arizton


According to Arizton’s latest research report, the UV-C LED market will grow at a CAGR of 44.41% during 2022-2028.  The global UV-C LED market was valued at USD 582.00 million in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 5.27 billion by 2028.

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The UV-C LED market has experienced substantial growth due to the rising demand for UV-C disinfection and sterilization solutions. This market has witnessed rapid expansion, with UV-C LEDs being deployed across diverse sectors such as healthcare, water and air purification, consumer electronics, and industrial applications. The wavelength of UV-C LED is crucial because different microorganisms have varying sensitivities to UV radiation at different wavelengths. For example, some bacteria are more susceptible to destruction by UV-C LED at 254 nm, while certain viruses may require a slightly shorter or longer wavelength for optimal disinfection.

Manufacturers produce LEDs that emit UV-C light at specific wavelengths to target the disinfection requirements of various applications. By fine-tuning the wavelength output, UV-C LED products can be optimized for specific uses, such as water purification, air sterilization, surface disinfection, and medical equipment sanitation.

UV-C LEDs in the 260-280 nm range are commonly known as near UV-C-LEDs. This segment represents UV-C LEDs that emit ultraviolet light at the higher end of the UV-C spectrum. The global UV-C LEDs market by 200-230nm wavelength is growing at a CAGR of more than 44% during 2023-2028. The 200-230 nm wavelength UV-C LED to witness double-digit growth in North America, APAC, and Latin America.

Continuous advancements in UV-C LED technology, encompassing enhancements in efficiency, power output, wavelength flexibility, and packaging innovations, have played a pivotal role in the growth trajectory of UV-C LED market. 

APAC Emerges as a Global Electronics Manufacturing Hub, Paving the Way for UV-C LED Integration 

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has solidified its status as a worldwide center for electronics manufacturing, characterized by well-established supply chains, cutting-edge technological capabilities, and a fiercely competitive production ecosystem. Leading nations in this arena, notably China, South Korea, and Japan, have taken the lead in seamlessly incorporating UV-C LED technology into their consumer electronics products. The robust presence of these manufacturing powerhouses in the region acts as a driving force behind the widespread adoption of UV-C LEDs in consumer electronics, facilitated by their smooth integration into existing production processes. 

The electronics sector holds immense economic significance for numerous Asian countries, constituting a substantial portion of their total export value. Across Asia, the electronics industry contributes anywhere from 20% to 50% of the overall value of exports. Notably, the ASEAN region stands out as a pivotal hub to produce consumer electronics, encompassing items such as televisions, radios, computers, and mobile phones. 

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