Automotive Wheelchair Lift Market to Witness Highest Growth Rate at a CAGR of 9.78%


Arizton has announced the publication of its latest report, Wheelchair Lift Market- Global Outlook and Forecast 2017–2022. The report provides a detailed study of the present scenario of the global wheelchair lift market and forecasts its growth for the period 2017−2022. It includes a detailed study of growth drivers, trends, and restraints. It also analyzes leading five vendors and ten other prominent vendors in the market.

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The report provides the market outlook and analysis of several segments such as by end-user type (home, businesses, automotive), Automotive lift by type (inside lifts, hybrid lifts and  outside lifts), automotive lift by lift type (single-arm, dual-arm, and hydraulic), automotive lift by power type (electric, commercial , and consumer) and by geography.

Analysts at Arizton state that among the different end-user segment, the automotive wheelchair lift market is going to register the highest growth rate during the forecast period.

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This high growth potential is because of advancement in technology and ever-changing lifestyle that has driven the market for customized vehicles, which employ a proper and hassle-free mechanism for wheelchair lifts.

Wheelchair Lift Market in Automotive Sector

Wheelchair lifts used in the automotive sector are the mechanical platforms designed for an individual with a wheelchair to raise and lower the surface levels to provide easy access for getting into a vehicle. It started with normal automobiles being modified or assembled with a ramp and extra space for the wheelchair rider, however, due to advancement in technology and ever-changing sophistications in lifestyles, there are a separate set of customized vehicles that employ a proper mechanism of a wheelchair lift and is hassle-free.

The usage of these lifts instead of ramps has taken over the automotive wheelchair lift market as the former has many advantages compared with the latter. The common issues that are covered include weight, daily driving environment, fuel economy, and most importantly the seated height as it varies for different vehicles. Automotive lifts are categorized into four types that include the following:

  • Platform Lifts: The most commonly used automotive wheelchair lifts and usually found on the public transportation system. They are flat surfaced lifts, which act as a drawbridge that can work on different surfaces. These lifts occupy huge space and are heavyweight
  • Rotary Lifts: They are also known as swing lifts; they have a platform that swings/rotates out on the post and lands on the ground. They are comparatively more compact than platform lifts and are typically employed in personal vehicles
  • Hoist Lifts: These lifts contain arms and straps where the wheeled mobility aid attached to the arm through the straps and are hoisted into the vehicle
  • Under Vehicle Lift: These lifts are placed under the vehicle in a metal container and are pulled out when required. They are typically employed in commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, etc.

The wheelchair lift market for automotive is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.78% during the forecasted period. Among other segments, the automotive segment is one is most innovative one because of its huge application base in evolving technologies and due to the presence of key manufacturers such as BraunAbility and Harmar. North America and Europe lead the market share, and the market is gradually evolving in the industrial and public sector of emerging economies.

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