Rapid Automation Paving Growth of Commercial Floor Scrubber Market


Due to increased automation and urbanization, the commercial scrubbers and sweepers market is growing rapidly  and provides high efficient cleaning across all sectors of industry. The floor cleaning machine makes cleaning jobs easier, faster and safe for workers. This type of automatic floor cleaning machine provides easier method of cleaning as compared to other traditional old methods. The major revenue generating region is North America with a growth rate of more than 6% in the commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market.  The major factors enabling the commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market growth are growth in hospitality industry, janitorial services, regulations for maintaining cleanliness and cost effectiveness when compared to manual cleaning.

The commercial scrubbers and sweepers market report is analyzed based on product type, product technology and end-users. Nilfisk, Tennant, Alfred Karcher, Hako Group, and The Factory Cat  are the major companies profiled in the report. Nilfisk has introduced hybrid power technology scrubbers and sweeper which functions on both combustion engine & battery power.

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Top 3 Trends and Drivers of the Commercial Scrubbers and Sweepers Market:

Growth of Green Clean Technology in Commercial Floor Scrubber and Sweeper market

Green cleaning is ensuring the usage of cleaning products which are harmless to the environment, reducing usage of water, chemicals and providing sustainable cleaning in a cost effective way. The major trends of sustainable cleaning technology in commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market are – usage of grey water, recycled water and engineered water. The grey water mainly includes rain water, wastes from bathroom, washing machine, showers and recycled water is grey water which is potable. These both can be used as safe cleaning product. Engineered water is on-site generation that converts tap water into effective cleaning solution.  These are the measures which are ensuring reduced wastage of water.

The cleaning agencies which are into commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market are also focussing on adaptive sustainable cleaning technologies. The vendors are investing in R&D to produce more sustainable cleaning products.

Robotic Cleaning Equipment in Commercial Floor Scrubber and Sweeper Market

Due to automation in commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market, the labour costs have gone down by 95%. Autonomous or robotic cleaning technologies are adapted which significantly reduces the effort of labours and is cost effective. This autonomous cleaning equipment uses smart technology for mapping the facilities and they have increased capabilities of computing power which can be controlled using a smart phone and combine it with low cost optics & sensors.  These cleaning machines are being increasingly deployed at commercial areas, such as, airports, hospitals, retailers, and office buildings. For example, in 2016, Nelfisk in collaboration with Carnegie Robotics LLC introduced a robotic floor scrubber Advance liberty A50 autonomous scrubber. This scrubber robot has sensors, cameras, software and laser to move and avoid obstacles.

Usage of internet of things (IOT) and telemetrics in commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market is increasing to deliver more personalized experience, effective and efficient cleaning.

Long Term Rental of Cleaning Machines

The recent trend in commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market is the renting of industrial cleaning equipment rather than purchase of cleaning equipments. It is a cost effective and hassle-free alternative. These floor cleaning machines and equipments are purchased by cleaning management services or facilities and they rent it to others. The renting company also takes care of the repairing and maintenance of the floor cleaning machines in regular intervals. The main benefit of renting equipment is the reduce downtime, as the machines are replaced immediately by the rental company when it becomes faulty. This rental schemes will boost the growth of commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market.

But a cost benefit analysis says that, renting of equipment could be more expensive as compared to purchasing the equipment. Similarly purchasing of the equipment would be more cost effective over renting if it is being used over 60%-70% of the time.  But due to the increased popularity and demand for renting professional equipment, some leading commercial floor scrubber and sweeper market players are providing cleaning equipment on a rent including, Karcher, Tennant, Nelfisk, among others.

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The report also offers a detailed study of major trends, drivers, challenges, and also provides the market size and forecast for major geographical regions and key countries.

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