Data Center Cooling Market in Latin America to Worth $255 Million By 2023


Arizton’s recent market research report on the data center cooling market in Latin America provides comprehensive industry analysis, trend forecasts, and competitive analysis. The research study segments the market by cooling infrastructure (cooling system and other infrastructure), by cooling technique (air-based cooling and water-based cooling), by cooling systems (CRAC & CARH, chiller, cooling towers & dry coolers, and economizers & evaporative coolers), and by geography (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and rest of Latin America).

The data center cooling market in Latin America is anticipated to reach values of around $255 million by 2023 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 11% during the forecast period.

The rapid expansion of data center facilities, development of colocation and modular data center facilities, and growing number of cloud service providers is driving the growth of the cooling systems market in Latin America. The leading players in the market are developing energy efficient cooling systems that reduce the carbon footprint and attract more consumers in the market.

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The top 3 drivers and trends propelling the growth of the data center cooling market in Latin America are discussed below:

Growth Interest for Modular Data Center Deployment

The reduce time taken to deploy and compact sizes of modular data centers is gaining immense popularity in the Latin American market. The leading infrastructure providers in the region are offering modular solutions that include pre-fabricated data center facilities, racks, and containment systems. The increase in IT spending and the growing need for additional infrastructure to improve availability will boost the demand for modular data centers and propel the growth of the data center cooling market in Latin America. Telecommunication service providers are the largest adopters of modular solutions across Latin America. The cost of operating a modular data center is around 30% lesser than a traditional facility. The deployment of modular data center facilities in Latin America is expected to fuel the demand for rack-level cooling solutions and free cooling techniques for data centers in Latin America.

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Increased adoption of Energy-efficient Cooling Solutions

The growing need to reduce the environmental impact of data center facilities is fueling the increasing adoption of the energy-efficient cooling solution in the Latin American market. The use of efficient infrastructure will help reduce the level of energy consumption and OPEX of a data center facility, thereby, propelling the growth of the data center cooling market in Latin America. For example, the adoption of free cooling in countries such as Chile and Colombia will help in reducing the cooling energy consumption by up to 30%. The leading infrastructure providers in Latin America are building facilities with PUE of less than 1.5.  Additionally, the use of effective monitoring solutions, regular maintenance of infrastructure, and real-time monitoring of cooling systems will significantly reduce energy consumption levels. The growing awareness about data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions in countries such as Brazil, Chile, and Colombia will transform the data center cooling market in Latin America.

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Increase in Adoption of DCIM Solutions

The implementation of end-to-end monitoring and automation solutions is attributing to the growth of the data center cooling market in Latin America. The growing adoption of DCIM solutions helps identify that maintenance of infrastructure to avoid operation failure and reduce the OPEX of data center facilities across the Latin American market. These innovative solutions assist in reducing the cooling consumption and cooling wastage of modern data centers in the Latin American region. The prominent cooling infrastructure vendors are investing in the development of software solutions that perform monitoring of its cooling infrastructure to gain a larger market share and attract more consumers. The growing use of DCIM systems to monitor and automate the data center facilities to overcome the potential future challenges will contribute to the revenues of the data center cooling market in Latin America.

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