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Leading market research firm, Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, has added a ground breaking research report, Agricultural Biologicals Market- Global Outlook and Forecast 2023-2028. This exclusive report encompasses major segments of the agricultural biologics market, providing detailed insights, data-driven analysis, and expert forecasts to help businesses stay ahead in the highly competitive industry. The cutting-edge research presents crucial information on market size, trends, key players, and emerging opportunities. 

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Agricultural biologicals are gaining popularity due to their eco-friendly and sustainable nature. They offer an alternative to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, which can negatively impact the environment, human health, and beneficial organisms. 

The global agricultural biologicals market is experiencing a steady growth rate of 9.27% during 2022-2028. This growth can be attributed to ongoing innovation and advancements in the agricultural and cultivation sectors. With a significant revenue of $16.16 billion by 2028, the worldwide agriculture biologics industry will be driven by increasing growth of the bio-fertilizers sector and due to increasing Government initiatives to promote the use of biopesticides. 

The emergence of organic products with disease-free plant properties and quick-growth component is boosting the agricultural biologicals industry development over the past few years. The popularity of organic plants is growing significantly many people have diversified their interests in homegrown plantsFurthermore, the favorable growth of organic agriculture practices worldwide, coupled with the regional government initiative to promote organic farming, is boosting the market's growth.  

In August 2022, the Agriculture Secretary of us had announced the details that the Us Department of Agricultural (USDA) had invested $300 million, including the American rescue plan funds, in a new organic transition initiative that will help to build a new and better market and stream of income for farmers and producers organic production allows the producer to hold a unique position in the marketplace. Hence the increased demand for organic plants is pushing the organic farming industry, thereby surging the demand for biological products during the forecast.  

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Increasing Price War & Product Innovation Skyrocketing Competition 

Prominent manufacturers in the global agricultural biologicals market consistently prioritize new product innovations, forging partnerships, engaging in mergers and acquisitions, and fostering collaborations to target a wide customer base while optimizing distribution costs effectively. Companies like Bayer CropScience and BASF SE are integrating their operations throughout the value chain to maintain their market standing. Meanwhile, new agricultural biological market entrants emphasize establishing long-term contracts with local and regional farming communities to expand their industry presence. 

Leading global agricultural biologicals market players include Novozymes A/S, BASF, Bayer CropScience LLC, Lallemand, Inc., CBF China Bio-fertilizers AG, and Others. The industry exhibits a fragmented nature due to the presence of both local and international players, leading to intense competition among key industry participants. Market concentration tends to be higher in American countries. Vendors compete based on their offerings and pricing strategies. To drive growth, vendors are adopting new business models and focusing on expanding their portfolio of offerings. 

Major Share Holder: 


Novozymes A/S engages in the research and development of biotechnology solutions, which produce industrial enzymes and microorganisms. Its business areas include agriculture, bioenergy, biopharma, food and beverage, household care, leather, pulp and paper, textile, and wastewater solutions. 


Major product offerings include Weed management & seed & traits. The company emphasizes solutions to improve productivity and increase energy efficiency. It focuses on geographic expansion through various M&As and alliances. 


It is a chemical company. Major agricultural product offerings include herbicides and fungicides. It has a strong relationship with its distributor & dealers, where dealers promote its products and invest in training the sales team to help customers. It has a strong base of consistent raw materials suppliers, enabling overcoming any supply chain bottlenecks. 

Other Prominent Vendors 

  • 1,4Group, Inc. 
  • 3Bar Biologics 
  • Acadian Plant Health 
  • Adjuvants Plus Inc 
  • Agrinos 
  • Corteva AgriScience 
  • UPL Limited 
  • Syngenta International AG 
  • Atlantica Agricola 
  • Neudorff 
  • FMA Corporation 
  • Certis USA LLC 
  • Bioworks Inc 
  • Kiwa Bio-Tech Products Group Corporation 
  • IPL Biologicals 
  • Andermatt Biocontrol AG 
  • Valent Biosciences 

The comprehensive research report covers the market trends, challenges, and opportunities and provides a holistic view of the industry. 

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