Automation to Help Vendors Reinvent Systems in the Global Data Center Generator Market


Arizton’s recent market research report on the global data center generator market provides comprehensive industry analysis, trend forecasts, and competitive analysis. The research study segments the market by generator capacity (<1 MW, 1MW – 2MW, and >2MW), by systems (diesel generators and DRUPS systems), by tier standards (Tier I & II, Tier III, and Tier IV), by geography (APAC, Americas, and EMEA), and offers detailed competitive analysis.

The global data center generator market is projected to reach values of around $5 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of more than 5% during 2017-2023.

The market research report also offers market share analysis in terms of power capacity (MW) during the forecast period.The increasing adoption of natural gas and bi-fuel generators will drive the need for innovative technologies in the global market. The integration of intelligent real-time monitoring software that can predict maintenance requirements, component failures, and automatic switchovers for uninterrupted operations will boost revenues in the global data center generator market.

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The top 3 drivers and trends fueling the growth of the global data center generator market are discussed below:

Increased Adoption of Modular Power Infrastructure

The growing adoption of modular power infrastructure is driving the exponential growth of the global data center generator market. The modular solutions provided by infrastructure vendors such as pre-fabricated data center facilities, racks, and containment systems will reducethe time needed to develop a new facility or create an additional data hall in the market. It is anticipated, that modular data center development will increase the demand for rack-level power infrastructure solutions with less than 40 kVA capacity and generators with <1 MW of power, thereby boosting revenues in the global data center generator market. Modular data center construction is a major trend in the global market and is a driving factor to meet the growing consumer demand over the next few years. The increasing adoption of these infrastructures is attributed due to its energy efficiency and designs that support high rack density in the market. The cost of operating a modular data center is around 30% lesser than that of a traditional data center facility. Some of the leading modular infrastructure providers in the global data center generator market are Flexenclsoure, Etix Everywhere, ICTroom,and BladeRoom.

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Increasing Adoption of Automation and Monitoring Solutions

The increasing integration of automated monitoring and management solutions will fuel the evolution of the global data center generator market. The leading facility operators are using remote monitoring of systems that suggest maintenance requirement or detect a failure in the regular testing process in the market. The automation of the facility identifies the maintenance requirements of power infrastructure to avoid operational failure and will drive the demand in the global data center generator market.The reduction in power consumption and wastage in modern data centers is achieved through end-to-end monitoring and automation of facilities. Most of the modern power infrastructure is supplied along with controls for direct and remote monitoring of facilities. Several power infrastructure vendors are heavily investing in software solutions that monitor the power infrastructures such as Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare, Vertiv’s Trellis, and ABB’s Ability automation platforms in the market. The generator companies are investing in providing innovative control panels to track the status of backup generators at zero operations in the market. The growing need for DCIM solutions for facilities with high power consumption and carbon emissions will drive the growth of the global data center generator market.

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Growing Adoption of Diesel-Rotary UPS Systems

The increasing installation of DRUPS systems that improve power efficiency will augment the development of the global data center generator market. DRUPS systems are more efficient than static UPS and have a greater fault clearing capability because of low impedance. DRUPS is popular because of its a flywheel or battery-powered UPS along with a diesel generator. DRUPS is still witnessing low adoption as compared to traditional UPS systems and generators in the global data center generator market.Some of the recent deployments of DRUPS was by Singtel in Singapore and NextDC in Australia. DRUPS adoption is also identified among specificdata center providers in European and other Southeast Asian due to the increase in innovations to improve the efficiency of UPS systems in the market. Euro-Diesel and Piller Systems are the major DRUPS revenue contributors in the global data center generator market.

The leading vendors in the global data center generator market are Caterpillar, Cummins, Euro-Diesel, Generac Power System, Hitec Power Protection, KOHLER (SDMO), Rolls Royce Power Systems AG (MTU On Site Energy), and Yanmar Group (HIMOINSA).

The complete overview of the latest market research report on the global data center generator market by Arizton is now available.

The report also offers a detailed study of major trends, drivers, challenges, and also provides the market size and forecast for major geographical regions and key countries.

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