Aviation and Electric Sectors fueling Demand for Heat Guns


Arizton’s recent market research report on Heat Gun Market provides comprehensive industry analysis, trend forecasts, and competitive analysis. The study includes insights on segmentation by product type (variable and dual temperature), power type (electrical and gas), application (residential, commercial, and industrial), and geography (APAC, Europe, Latin America, MEA, and North America).

The heat gun market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% during the period 2018−2024.

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 Heat guns are lightweight and easy to use tools. Basic models generally have one or two temperature settings and one fan speed; however, high-end models have fully variable temperature settings within a range and various choice of fan speed. Heat guns have replaced old fashion paraffin and bottle gas blowlamps, which initially used for stripping off paints. These tools were required to be used with extra care as they could cause injury to users and scorch the wooden surface. The global market is highly competitive with low market concentration. However, the average price of the product has been declining owing to the maturing heat gun technology and lowering the price of raw materials.

The leading drivers and trends propelling the growth of the global heat gun industry are discussed below:

Demand for Industrial Heat Guns

The use of heat guns in the aerospace and electronics sector is witnessing high demand. They are used in the aerospace sector for repairing wire harness, soldering and desoldering of circuit boards for satellites, radios, and other communication devices. Further, they are also used in exterior composite work and fabricating aircraft interior panels. In the electronic industry, they are used for desoldering circuit boards as these machines provide precise temperature control and the fine control of the hot air stream. With the growing aircraft industry, the demand for technologically advanced equipment and power tools is expected to grow, thereby fueling the sale of industrial heat guns during the forecast period.

The Popularity of DIY Culture

The global DIY market is primarily dominated by home improvement projects. Heat guns are used for home improvement such as refurbishing old furniture, roofing, and removing wall stickers. The rising middle-class population, the increased availability of power tools, and the high cost of professional laborers are increasing the popularity of DIY culture globally. The use of power tools in the DIY process is highly popular in developed countries such as the US, the UK, and Germany. However, the trend is rapidly expanding in developing countries. With the rising disposable income, the young population is attracted to craftmanship, hence spending on tools and equipment for home improvement and other DIY projects. Therefore, the growing culture of DIY in developed and developing economies is expected to generate demand for DIY tools, including heat guns.

Growth in Single Ply Membrane Roofing

The roofing industry is transforming dramatically. The growth of PVC or TPO roofing is expected to drive the heat gun industry. With the growth of the construction industry, rapid urbanization, and technological innovations, the single-ply roofing market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period. The global single-ply roofing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period, thus increasing their demand in the roofing industry.

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Aikou, Apex Tool group, Bosch, Dongcheng Tools, Enertwist, Galaxia Tech, Genesis, Hitachi-Koki, Makita Corp., Master Appliance Corp., Mowis, Poniie, Rexbeti, Seekone, SparkFun Electronics, Stanley Black & Decker, TackLife, Teccpo, Techtronic Industries (TTI), The Steinel Company, Wagner Group, Zhejiang Prulde Electric Appliance Co. Ltd. are identified as key vendors in the global heat gun industry.

The complete overview of the latest market research report on the global heat gun market by Arizton is now available. The

The report offers a detailed study of major trends, drivers, challenges, and provides market sizing and forecast for major geographical regions and key countries.

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