Is LED Work Light Efficient Enough for the Workplace?

Nov 17, 2020

The power consumption of LED power is lesser compare to other lightings which in turn, will positively impact the market growth for LED work light.

According to the latest Arizton's market research report, the LED work light market size to cross over USD 31 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of approximately 8% during the forecast period.

LED Work Light Market Growth 

LED work lights are better than the traditional work light models. The demand for LED work light is driving the demand for the replacement and new implementation of these products. The traditional interfaces are in effect for decades that are confronted by completely different illumination possibilities by utilizing LED technologies. The power consumption of LED power is lesser compare to other lightings which in turn, will positively impact the market growth for LED work light. The efficiency and cost are also important criteria to be considered among end-users while making purchase decisions, however long-term cost saying and over longevity of work lights are boosting their adoption in the market.

Efficiency of LED work Light

LED emits 'directional light,' while fluorescent generates 'omnidirectional light' or light in several directions. This makes LED lamps nearly 2X more powerful compared to fluorescent lights. LED lightings do not produce mercury which in turn, is making the recycling process easier. The emerging demand for general lighting LEDs influences the complexities of the lighting industry along the general lighting supply chain, with a possible impact on the standardization of light engines.

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LED Work Light – Geographic Analysis

APAC is driving the market growth of LED work light due to the rising number of smart cities and policy programs that are focusing on implementing energy-efficient lighting. The Australian government is committed to promoting LED lightings. Australia released a road map to ban incandescent bulbs and to promote LED lighting, which is expected to fuel demand for LED work light. Major player like Samsung is expected to witness new growth opportunity for LED work light in Australia. The lighting industry in Australia is facing some challenges due to COVID-19 which is interrupting the supply chain of the industry across the globe.

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