Premature Ejaculation Treatment Has Experienced Evident Progress Over the Last Two to Three Decades


Premature Ejaculation Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017–2022 is the latest report published by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence. The report not only includes the insights of the premature ejaculation treatment market but also provides a detailed analysis of the drug pipeline landscape.

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The premature ejaculation treatment pipeline dynamics is relatively weak with considerably a few drug molecules undergoing clinical trial evaluation. A number of innovative pipeline drug molecules are being evaluated for safety and efficacy across the various stages of the clinical development.

The condition of PE was ambiguous in terms of disease definition, etiology, and targetable drug sites till recently. Inadequate knowledge about the disease, lack of evidence-based definition of premature ejaculation, and validated patient sexuality questionnaires, known as PROs can be presumed as a few of the factors, which hindered the invention of new drug molecules capable of treating the disease.

The advent of the use of topical anesthetic agents is considered as a key preliminary breakthrough for the management of premature ejaculation treatment. The initiation of administration has further strengthened effectiveness of disease management. Nonetheless, there is a significant unmet demand in the premature ejaculation market, says the analysts team at Arizton Advisory & Intelligence. The immediate need for the premature ejaculation treatment is invention of new on-demand rapid acting drugs, which can hold the potential to target multiple receptors and may form the foundation of more effective future on-demand medication with minimal or no associated adverse events.

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Advances in scientific research have undisclosed new pathways of disease pathophysiology and etiology, which ultimately widen the drug target sites and led to innovative lead molecules for the premature ejaculation treatment and management. The implementation of evidence-based or proven assessment parameters for determination of efficacy and safety of investigational molecules is leading to the innovation of superior drugs. The proven assessment parameters and data evaluation end-points are also assisting in termination of clinical progress of ineffective drugs for the premature ejaculation treatment.

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A few of the key drugs, which are currently holding the potential to be approved for treatment of PE are undergoing early stage clinical studies. These include selective oxytocin receptor antagonists – IX-01 and GSK557296, novel SSRI drug candidate DA-8031, and repurposed clomipramine.

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