Are Technological Innovations Changing The North America Snow Blower Market?

Jun 19, 2019

Professionals in the snow blower market are shifting their preferences from gas-powered to electric-operated products.

Arizton’s recent research report on the snow blower market in North America identifies ARIENS, HUSQVARNA GROUP, MTD PRODUCTS, and The TORO COMPANY as the prominent vendors in the market. This research report also provides comprehensive industry analysis, trend forecasts, and competitive analysis. The research study segments the  North America snow blower market by stage type (single stage, two stage, three stage), end-user (residential and commercial), fuel type (gas powered, electric powered, battery powered), clearing width (25 inches), and geography (US and Canada). This research report also offers market share analysis in terms of volume (million units) during the forecast period.

The snow blower market in North America is likely to reach around $800 million, growing at a CAGR of over 6% during 2018−2014.

A snow blower is used for clearing snow for sidewalks, driveways, and lawn areas. With advancements in technology, snow blowers are being equipped with several features, including power steering, folding handles, LED headlights, heated handle grips, and drift cutters.

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The leading drivers and trends driving the growth of the snow blower market in North America are discussed below:

Increasing Snowfall in North America

North America experiences a continental climate with heavy snowfall witnessed in the Western US and Upper Midwest. Global warming is expected to increase extreme precipitation in the different regions of North America. With heat-trapping emissions increasing at a significant rate, intense storms are expected in few conditions, extreme snowfall can also be observed in different regions during the winter season. The amount of precipitation, which falls at the time of heaviest snowstorms and rainstorms in the US, has witnessed a considerable increase of approximately 20% over the past few years.

Northern Rockies, Sierra Nevada, and Upper Midwest witnessed exceptional snowfall during the winters of 2018−2019. In addition, Northern Maine also experienced high snowfall. The occurrence of snowfall in the different regions is expected to increase the usage and demand for snow removal equipment. Snow blower/throwers, snowplows, snow pushers, and snow scrappers are a few snow removal equipment. The snow blower is widely used in the residential and commercial landscape professionals for the removal of snow with ease and convenience.

Growing Technological Innovations and Eco-friendly approaches

Increasing technological innovations are expected to enable manufacturers to offer models, which provide maximized efficiency and productivity. Also, government agencies in North America are increasingly emphasizing on the adoption of equipment, which emits low noise and emissions. Honda has introduced a hybrid snow blower, which uses a gas-powered engine to power the snow blower apparatus. The companyhas introduced several innovative technological features such as auger height adjust lever, joystick chute control, steering control levers, wheel drive, rubber auger surface cleaning, throttle control, electric start. Honda’s HSS series snow throwers include the combination of Honda GX Series, which comprises a commercial grade engine and optimizes an impeller pulley and 90◦ impeller wing, helps in optimizing the snow thrower capacity.

The growing awareness related to global warming as well as fuel emissions is considerably increasing the adoption of eco-friendly snow blower products. Currently, professionals are shifting their preferences from gas-powered snow throwers to electric-operated blowers.

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Alamo Group, American Honda Motor, Briggs & Stratton, Ego Power, Globe Tools Group, Lowe’s (Kobalt), Snow Joe,Stiga, Techtronic Industries, Vicon Heavy Industry, Walker Manufacturing,Wen Products, and Yardmax Power Products are the other prominent vendors in the snow blower market in North America.

The complete overview of the latest market research report on the snow blower market in North America by Arizton is now available.

The report offers a detailed study of major trends, drivers, challenges, and providing market size and forecast for major geographical regions and key countries.

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