Did the Outbreak of COVID-19 Create Challenges for the Surgical Gowns Market?

Dec 29, 2020

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic is creating high demand for the surgical gowns to stop the spread of the virus when worn in a contaminated environment.

According to the latest Arizton's market research report, the medical gowns market size to reach around USD 7 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of approximately 10% during the forecast period.

Surgical Gowns Market Growth 

Surgical gowns provide barrier protection against blood strikethrough and fluid contamination. To avoid such surgical complications by following the practice of using surgical gowns during surgery is a major factor contributing to the growth of the segment. Owing to the significant benefits of these medical gowns, they are considered as the primary standard of protection and are used by medical professionals in almost every low, medium, or high-level surgical procedure, thereby fueling the growth of the surgical gowns market across the globe. The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a high demand for surgical gowns to stop the spread of the virus when worn in a contaminated environment.

Growing Number of Surgical Procedures

According to the WHO, approximately 234 million major surgical procedures are performed every year across the globe. The outpatient surgical practices created a huge demand in terms of the number of annually performed surgical procedures and is boosting the growth of the surgical gowns market across geography. Controlling airborne contamination with proper surgical attire, including surgical gowns, can significantly purify the air and reduce bacterial load. Surgical gowns provide a functional barrier between the surgical team and patients. As a result, researchers and economists now acknowledge that surgical care with adequate PPE, including surgical gowns, is a fundamental component of healthcare systems. The increasing number of surgeries is directly proportional to the demand in the global surgical gowns market.

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Surgical Gowns Market – Geographic Analysis

In North America surgeons are adopting less invasive procedures to avoid infections and additional complications and simultaneously using disposable surgical gowns to reduce the risk of SSI and other HAIs. The rise in the number of surgical process in the region will further increase the usage of surgical gowns to maintain hygiene in healthcare industries. North America offers tremendous growth opportunities to the players in the surgical gowns market due to high demand for these gowns in the region. In North America, the vendors in the surgical gowns market are focusing on developing innovative and advanced products that will offer effective results with minimal surgical complications and infections.

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