Efficiency, Scalability, and Sustainability - Data Center Industry Needs To Focus in 2023


In 2023, data centers are set to play a crucial role in digital transformation. As organizations strive to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, legislation related to the green policy has become a significant driver for energy storage innovations. The major focus will be on efficiency, scalability, and sustainability. Automation technologies will push data centers to become more efficient and self-sufficient.

The following are the top predictions for the data center industry in 2023.

  • Data Center Enterprise Executives will increase their focus on Sustainable & eco-friendly technologies.
  • Data center companies are gearing up to overcome four major crises ­‑ Power, Climate, Supply Chain, and Cooling Solutions.
  • Supply & Demand constraints will likely create a challenging environment for building new high-computing data centers. On the supply side, key markets face a power crisis, coupled with supply chain challenges and resistance from community stakeholders and environmental activists. On the demand side, enterprises will likely face budget constraints.
  • More data centers in the coming years expect to embrace on-site power generation, which will help to overcome unpredictability in power grids, thereby helping data center service providers to increase energy efficiency and maximize uptime.
  • Data centers are likely to go “waterless.” In the Future, data centers will concentrate on liquid cooling technology to reduce or decrease their dependency on water resources.
  • Initiatives related to cybersecurity, hybrid, and multi-cloud services will continue to reshape the data center sector in 2023. Implementing government & industry standards compliance, installing advanced threat detection tools, and enhancing physical security & disaster recovery management services expect to be major focuses among enterprises.
  • Edge computing will shift its process to AI-enabled networking, thereby allowing dynamic routing, automating tasks, enabling network to self-heal, and making decisions in real-time.
  • Autonomous data centers that are self-managing and self-optimizing are gaining attention. This technology would enable data centers to operate with minimal human interventions and automate various tasks within data center.
  • The emergence of secondary data center markets is on the cards, with primary market facing an acute shortage of power and other essential data center requirements.
  • Simplification of the application process by government bodies and other regulatory bodies will reduce building time in secondary markets.

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Data center owners and operators must choose best practices, innovations, compliance, and technologies to stay ahead of the competition, as 2023 appears to be a challenging year for the data center business.

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