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Earphones & Headphones Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2018 - 2023

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Most Exhaustive Report

Earphones & Headphones Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2018 - 2023

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This market research report provides the market size and detail segmentation analysis of the global earphones and headphones market by Type (In-ear, On-ear, Over-ear) by Technology (Wired Headphones, Wireless Headphones) by Features (Smart Headphones, Non-smart Headphones) by Geography (North America, APAC, Europe, MEA, Latin America)

Key highlights of earphones and headphones market:

  • The demand for earphones and headphones in the APAC market is expected to increase due to the sophistication lifestyle, youth population, urbanization, and westernization.
  • The rise in smartphone users coupled with high internet penetration is driving the headphones market in Europe with increasing shipments every year.
  • The factors such as tech-savvy population, rising disposable incomes, and growing interest towards music have paved way to short replacement cycle of headphones.
  • The increase in traction towards VR, gaming, leisure activities, and fitness increased the sale of headphones in the global market.

The global earphones and headphones market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.31% during 2017–2023 and cross $20 billion in revenue by 2023.

Global Earphones and Headphones Market 2023

As mobile devices are getting affordable, the demand for entry-level headphones is also increasing globally. On the other hand, there is also a huge demand for specialized, high-end, noise canceling, best sound quality earphones and headphones. 

Beats Electronics, Bose, Sennheiser, Sony, and  Skullcandy are the leading players in the market.  

The market research report provides a holistic view of the global earphones and headphones market, the companies involved in the market, and the factors driving its growth. It also provides information on some of the latest market trends that have started to surface and are likely to become strong market driving forces for the earphones and headphones market over the next five years. This industry analysis report also provides Porter’s Five Forces analysis along with a description of each force and its impact on the market. Further, the report also provides a complete value chain analysis of the earphones and headphones market.

Earphones and Headphones Market: Key Manufacturer Analysis

There are more than 3,000 companies engaged in the manufacturing of earphones and headphones. Although most of these companies are small scale and has limited market reach, there are many multinational, global companies which are engaged in designing and manufacturing. The top five manufacturers, Beats, Bose, Sennheiser, Sony, and Skullcandy have two-thirds of the global market share in terms of value and 50% of the earphones and headphones market share in terms of volume.

The major manufacturers included in the report, are as follows:

  • Beats Electronics

  • Bose

  • Sennheiser

  • Sony

  • Skullcandy

Other prominent earphones and headphones manufacturers include AIAIAI, AKG Acoustics, Apple, Audio-Technica Corp., Beyerdynamic, Creative Technology., Denon, Grado Labs, The House of Marley, Jays AB, JBL, JVC Kenwood, Logitech International, Molami, Monster Cable Products, Panasonic, Parrot, Pioneer, Shure Incorporated, SMS Audio, Sol Republic, Urbanears, and Westone Laboratories.

Earphones and Headphones Market: Dynamics

Affordable technological sophistication to propel market growth

Rising demand for new technology, increasing sophistication in earphones and headphones, growing interoperability with smartphones and tablets, and growing increased partnerships with mobile device manufacturers are likely to propel the growth of the global earphones and headphones market.

Increased disposable income, enhanced technological awareness, and growth of multi-faceted consumer requirements have contributed to the growth of the global earphones and headphones market over the last decade and is expected to propel the market growth in the future.

Earphones and Headphones Market: Segmental Analysis

Innovators and early adopters to facilitate market growth

Currently, the wired headphones segment leads the global market with 59% share compared to 41% by the wireless technology segment. This is, however, expected to change over the next few years, making the wireless segment the pre-dominant market segment.

The smart and non-smart earbuds segments are expected to follow a similar trend to the wired and wireless segments. Currently, the non-smart earphones and headphone segment, which is leading the market, is expected to lose its market share to the smart devices segment over the next few years.

Analysts at Arizton also anticipate innovators and early adopters, who are highly social, tech-savvy, affluent, young, and close to new scientific inventions to be the largest consumers of the technologically advanced and multi-faceted wireless headphones in the future.

Another segment of potential users is the people who use them while running or doing workout to keep themselves boosted and energized. The rise in the health conscious and fitness-aware population and the increased number of gym goers are also expected to aid the growth of the earphones and headphones market globally.

Earphones and Headphones Market: Geographical Analysis

Latin American market to witness growth at a rate faster than other markets in terms of shipment

In terms of volume (shipment) and value (revenue), the European market is strongly influenced by the popularity of music in Western Europe and Scandinavian countries. The penetration of smart headsets is high in these countries as they are technologically advanced.

The second largest earphones and headphones market, in terms of volume (shipment) and value (revenue), is the North American market that is heavily influenced by technology adoption in the US. The APAC market is driven by the high population and increased the disposable income of the middle-class population, which is prominent in developing countries in the region. Developed countries such as Japan and South Korea are considered as innovators in the earphones and headphones market. The MEA market is witnessing a surge, and the demand for earphones and headphones that are noise canceling specific are expected to significantly rise among audiophiles who are increasing in the region in the future. The Latin America market is expected to grow more quickly than the overall global earphones and headphones market in terms of shipment, which is closely linked to device adoption growth.

Key market insights include

  1. The analysis of the global earphones and headphones market provides market size and growth rate for the forecast period 2018-2023.
  2. It offers comprehensive insights into current industry trends, trend forecast, and growth drivers about the global earphones and headphones market.
  3. The report provides the latest analysis of market share, growth drivers, challenges, and investment opportunities of the earphones and headphones industry.
  4. It offers a complete overview of market segments and the regional outlook of the global earphones and headphones market.
  5. The report offers a detailed overview of the vendor landscape, competitive analysis, and key market strategies to gain a competitive advantage.


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Erik Young

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The report by Arizton was spot on. It not only gave us insight into the pro audio market, we used it to raise funds for our company. The data proved (to the VC we pitched to) that the market was large enough for our company to not only survive but also grow.

Benjamin Arnold

Senior Product Manager

I recently purchased a key Arizton Industry Outlook & Forecast in order to better understand growth for specific market segments and the macro environmental factors impacting this growth. I found Ariztonā€™s coverage of the market dynamics and key takeaways to be insightful and valuable. The segmentation breakouts gave me the information I needed to guide strategic considerations.

Hallmann, Nickolai

Manager Market Analyst Power
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Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG

The provided information by Arizton really met my expectations. Especially the deep information about the datacenter ecosystem was very helpful. Furthermore, I absolutely appreciate the optimal service from the key account managers of Arizton. It was always a pleasure working with them.



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