Increasing Demand for Food Safety Fuels the Need for Antimicrobial Food Disinfectant


According to the latest Arizton's market research report, the antimicrobial food disinfectant market size to cross USD 2.1 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period.

Antimicrobial Food Disinfectant Market Growth

The increasing number of cases foodborne illnesses across various countries including the UK, China, India, and others are resulting in concern towards healthy eating habits. The fruits and vegetables segment dominate the market growth of antimicrobial food disinfectants in terms of application type. Increasing norms regarding food safety are expected to boost the demand for food disinfectants during the forecast period. The market has been witnessing high usage of antimicrobial food disinfectant encouraging various vendors to launch new products and expanding their product portfolios. The rapid increase in production and consumption of seafood is surging the use of disinfectants on fish and seafood, thereby creating lucrative opportunities for leading vendors in the market. The use of these solutions is expected to grow in commercial places such as restaurants and retail outlets as consumers are overly concerned about food protection and its related illness.

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Impact of COVID-19

The industry has witness disruption of the supply chain on account of the voluntary shutdown of factories during the lockdown. In the pandemic, governments are making effort to ensure that essential service is given to the public. During COVID-19, FMCG firms have launched disinfectant vegetable cleaners, sanitizers, and immunity-enhancing products in the last few weeks and have more disinfectants in the pipeline to capitalize on the growing demand for these items. As most of the offices are closed in 2020 due to COVID-19 consumers in the residential sector are expected to largely contribute to the market growth. The pandemic antimicrobial food disinfectant market is expected to escalate due to the higher use of these products from those countries which have higher demands on food quality.

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Antimicrobial Food Disinfectant – Geographic Analysis

One of the key drivers of the antimicrobial food disinfectant market is the Asia-Pacific supermarket ecosystem with diverse wet and open markets. The wet and open markets are the most popular destinations in the region among all customers when it comes to shopping for fresh meat, fish, and vegetables. The strong growth in meat, seafood, and dairy production in various APAC regions has also increased the demand in the antimicrobial food disinfectant market. The competition in Europe for antimicrobial food disinfectant is expected to be high on account of the concentrated market with established vendors.

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Competition Overview

The antimicrobial food disinfectant market is competitive in terms of a greater number of vendors. The vendor’s selection criteria are mainly dependent on their raw material access, pricing model, and portfolio of products on similar lines. Vendors can boost their profitability by practicing efficient production with respect to raw material purchase and according to the demand. The use of soap or chemical cleaners for fresh produce in not recommended that can be dangerous for health. Vendors are expected to turn to manufacture natural disinfectants made of turmeric, neem, and other natural extracts to boost their market penetration. However, to compete, differentiation of the products is based on providing an exclusive value proposition and a unique experience to end-users. Market vendors must introduce and invest in various products to survive and succeed in the competitive environment.

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