Netherlands Used Construction Equipment-Compact Electric Used Construction Equipment Sales Booming


The Netherlands used construction equipment market is expected to reach 22,896 units by 2029. In 2021, the Netherlands government invested in infrastructure to boost economic recovery. The government planned to inject $673.6 million for economic growth. The investment was directed for business support, healthcare system, and public infrastructure. In addition to it, growth in road redevelopment and repair projects are expected to support the demand for used earthmoving equipment in the Netherlands market.

Excavators are used to dig, lift, and drill. In 2022, the demand for used mini and medium-size electric excavators increased in the Netherlands. The country’s labor shortage issues trigger the need for automation technology, such as Information Communication Technology (ICT) and remote monitoring, in excavators. In 2020, Van Oard invested in the electrification of a 20-ton excavator. The demand for used excavators is expected to grow at robust pace in the Netherlands. Several renovation and development projects, such as the extension of Schiphol and Eindhoven airports, are expected to support the demand for excavators. Energy transition projects, such as the construction of a 200-MW green hydrogen project in Groningen province by Lhyfe, in the Netherlands is expected to support the demand for used excavators.

Market Size and Forecast are Projected in:

  • Value ($ Billion)
  • Volume (Units)

Key Highlights

  • The Earthmoving segment has the largest share in the Netherlands used construction equipment market. Excavators held the largest market share in the earthmoving segment in 2022.
  • Infrastructure upgradation projects such as the renovation of commercial buildings, railway stations, airports, and the extension of roadways & bridges across the country will drive the Netherlands used construction equipment market.
  • European Commission provides the Netherlands’ USD 4.8 billion recoveries and resilience plan. Netherlands’ recovery and resilience aim for strong economic recovery. The reforms and investments in the plan will help the country become more sustainable, resilient, and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of green and digital transitions.
  • The demand for forklifts in the Netherlands used construction equipment market is higher due to their extensive use in the logistics industry. The rise in E-commerce & logistics industry in the Netherlands is expected to support the demand for used forklifts.
  • The demand for new-generation used excavators with ICT and remote monitoring technology is also gaining market share in the Netherlands. Skilled labor shortage & rising accident cases at construction sites prompt the use of automated used construction equipment in the Netherlands.
  • The country’s residential sector grew in 2021 after a contraction in 2020. The housing sector is expected to be impacted by strict government rules for the emission of nitrogen & carbon in the country. Rising building material prices is another major factor impacting the Netherlands construction industry in 2022. Rising inflation and disruption of raw materials & labor are expected to hamper the growth of the manufacturing sector in the Netherlands in Q4 2022, further impacting the Netherlands used construction equipment market growth.

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