Focus on Enhancing the Gaming Experience Drives the Global Board Games Market


According to the latest Arizton's market research report, the global board games market to reach approximately USD 30 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of over 13% during the forecast period.

The leading vendors are designing games as an important tool to provide hands-on and heads-on skill and knowledge development for different age groups in the market. The enhancement of problem-solving skills and critical thinking and building communication and relationship skills are propelling the growth of the global board games market over the next few years.

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The top 3 drivers and trends boosting demand in the global board games market are discussed below:

Introduction of Board Games Supported with Mobile Apps

The integration of mobile applications with tabletop games is driving the evolution in the global board games market. These applications are not designed to detract from the physical aspect of these games, but to enhance the overall end-user’s experience. These applications are designed to remove several tedious activities involved in traditional board games such as player statistics, visual dice rolls, and rule codices and to visual maps for strategic planning to gamers in the global market. The development of digital board games is one of the most impressive revenues generators in the market. The increasing proliferation of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are one of the key factors impacting the growth of the global board games market. The launch of these products will help enhance the overall gaming experience at relatively low prices, thereby creating lucrative opportunities for leading vendors in the market. For instance, the mobile application version of “Settlers of Catan” is designed as 1995 port. In the application, the player can play against multiple AI or link up with online multiplayer. Such innovations might hinder the growth of traditional games in the global board games market.

What’s Trending in the Market?

  • Hasbro strengthening business through the franchise model by focusing on Franchise and Partner Brands. Continue to establish a partnership with key players such as Marvel, Disney, and Lucas.
  • Mattel is investing in marketing campaigns that aim to spread the message that playing and parental love is the best possible start for the child’s development.
  • APAC-based vendors are likely to “go global” with their product launches during the forecast period.
  • In 2020, the sales of boardgames and jigsaw puzzles soared close to 240% during the first week of lockdown in the UK.

Focus on Enhancement of Gaming Experience

The increasing focus on enhancing the gaming experience of traditional games is revolutionizing the global board games market. Game publishers are investing in color, tactile, and sensory experience in the gameplay environment to meet the growing demand for 3D games in the global market. The introduction of 3D chess with multiple layers of the board at different levels, allowing the chess components to move in three physical dimensions is transforming the global gaming industry. The next area of innovation is the use of augmented reality where the physical pieces in the game are associated with animation, which represents the virtual representation of pieces and the outcome of battles between two players. The use of AR and other advanced technologies will boost revenues in the global board games market during the forecast period. For instance, HoloGrid: Monster Battle, it is an augmented reality board game and the game has put together collectible card gaming, mobile gaming, and augmented reality together. Such a focus on increasing the consumer experiences is driving the growth of the global board games market.

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Key Offerings:

  • Market Size & Forecast by Revenue | 2020−2026
  • Market Dynamics – Leading trends, growth drivers, restraints, and investment opportunities
  • Segmentation – A detailed analysis by product, theme, distribution, and geography
  • Competitive Landscape – 4 Key Company Profiles and 46 Other Prominent Vendors

 Growing Digitization of Board Games

The use of digital devices instead of boards, cards, dice, and playing tokens is expected to transform the global board games market during the forecast period. The advent of smartphones, computers, video game systems, and tablets will promote digitalization of the gaming industry in the global market. The digitization of board games can change the gameplay activities and the ways in which they are managed. The game publishers are launching a digitized version of their games to attract a larger group of consumers in the global market. Such games are designed to increase cooperation among players and strategical collecting of the victory points, thereby, enabling companies to gain a larger global boards games market share. Such developments in the overall landscape will result in profitable returns for top vendors operating in the global board games market.

The leading players in the global board games market are Asmodée Éditions (Group), Hasbro, Mattel, and Ravensburger.

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