Beautification of Green Spaces is Boosting the Global Garden Equipment Battery Market

Jan 11, 2021

The high demand for robotic garden tools is boosting the growth of the global garden equipment battery market.

According to the latest Arizton's market research report, the global garden equipment battery market size to cross USD 8.9 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of around 8% during the forecast period.

Global Garden Equipment Battery Market Growth

Growth in the global garden equipment battery market is primarily driven by the increase in landscaping activities across regions. The rising demand for backyard beautification among homeowners is also anticipated to propel the growth of pole saw equipment in the residential segment. Robotic lawn mowers are anticipated to use the sense-act technique, to work in the unstructured, and dynamic environment as well. The high demand for robotic garden tools is boosting the growth of the global garden equipment battery market. The professional users are emphasizing towards the adoption of equipment which offers maximum energy efficiency, along with excellent flexibility and performance.

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What’s Trending in the Market?

  1. Walk-behind mowers are preferred mowers in the landscaping market, largely due to giving out fewer emissions and lower fuel use. Bobcat introduced a 21-inch commercial walk-behind mower to cater to changing needs and requirements of professional landscapers.
  2. Green roofs can hold up to nearly 80% of the stormwater runoff, thereby helping to lessen the impact on city drainage structures and prevent flooding.
  3. Bosch offers products such as Bosch Rotak 43 LI Ergoflex, which have relatively better performance for the large garden or lawn areas. These products offer finer and exceptional cutting experience.

Rapid urbanization is leading to an imbalance in the environment because of improper resource usage and increased pollution. One of the latest trends includes the awareness that public green spaces in cities make cities more sustainable and equitable. The WHO has set a minimum requirement of nearly 9 sq. miles per capita green coverage in cities with lesser areas of greenery.

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Key Offerings:

  • Market Size & Forecast by Revenue | 2019−2025
  • Market Dynamics – Leading trends, growth drivers, restraints, and investment opportunities
  • Segmentation – A detailed analysis by product type, power sources, battery, end-users, and geography
  • Competitive Landscape – 3 Key Company Profiles and 20 Other Prominent Vendors

How is North America Leading in the Global Garden Equipment Battery Market?

Adoption of latest technologies with advanced equipment enables the professionals and homeowners to perform their work which is environmentally efficient and streamlined in North America. Increasing demand for the battery-operated products is expected to open avenues for vendors and the capability to incorporate renewable energy solutions into their product portfolio and offer excellent ease-of-usage in the region. In North America, the replacements of traditional systems with sustainable solutions are expected to create opportunities for electric-powered and battery-powered gardening equipment. This is expected to boost the demand for batteries used in these tools.

Strategies Adopted by the Global Garden Equipment Battery Market Players

The global garden equipment battery market players emphasize on identifying different opportunities, thereby setting up certain goals to achieve productivity and efficient usage of capital resources. One of the key strategies implemented by the market players is the introduction of differentiated products and solutions for different application segments. The global garden equipment battery market players are creating awareness and driving sales through a combination of direct advertising, niche targeting, trade shows, and holistic marketing. The competition among the global garden equipment battery market players is intense. The present scenario is forcing vendors to alter and refine their unique value proposition to achieve a strong market presence.

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