Increased Prominence of Messaging Applications to Drive Global Chatbot Market


 A recent report by Arizton Advisory and Intelligence titled Chatbot Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017–2022 states that the increased use of messaging application has a positive impact on the growth of the global chatbot market and is one of the major factors driving the market growth.

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Analysts at Arizton state that chatbots as a component of messaging have become important and will become increasingly popular as their capabilities expand and evolve. They provide businesses and brands a personalized engagement with consumers through a channel, which is already known, messaging. While most of the industry conversation about chatbots is focused on customer services and e-commerce, it also provide functionality to forge increasingly personal conversations with consumers on various levels. These bots can run a gamut of activities ranging from conversational to experimental, leveraging other forms of interaction which consumers are accustomed to forming the application world. The chatbot integration into messaging applications provides the desired stickiness and brand benefits for enhanced communication with the consumer.

Some of the capabilities of chatbots with the messaging function applications include personal connection, discovery, curation, online to offline and utility. Chatbots provide personalized one-to-one conversations and facilitate new mobile experiences all in one place from gaming to the discovery of new interests and connecting people with common interests. These bots cut through the clutter and provide consumers informed answers to questions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves bots to get smarter and provides tailor-made services. They can also be connected directly from online to offline experiences, leveraging the scan codes. Chatbots also help users to get things done more efficiently without even downloading any new applications.    

Need for Optimization of Customer Management Costs

Chatbots may not be an invention, but with improving automation technology, many companies across the world are incorporating them into their customer management strategies. Earlier chatbots capabilities were limited, however, with the integration of AI capabilities, they have become a service software. It is estimated that about 8.5 trillion messages will be sent through various messaging applications in 2017 with 88% of them will be read in less than 3 minutes, indicating the conversational nature of interactions. This indicates the customer’s preference for messaging applications and drives the companies to use chatbots on these platforms to improve the customer experience.

The report provides a holistic view of the global chatbot market scenario and explains the top trends and opportunities, growth driving factors and also the market restraints. It also includes the geographic analysis of the global chatbot market and also profiles the leading as well as other prominent vendors.


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