Introduction of Innovative and Advanced Functional Chewing Gums Will Open New Opportunities in the Global Market


Analysts at Arizton say that the worldwide functional chewing gum market is going to witness huge growth during the year 2016-2022. The market revenue is expected to cross $9 billion by 2022 says the market analysis report by Arizton.

Premiere research organisation, Arizton has recently announced the publication of a latest report on global functional chewing gum market. The report, Functional Chewing Gum Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022, is a 102-page report which provides the in-depth analysis of the  market. The report provides the top trends, drivers, restraints that are going to leave their footprint on the market revenue and growth.

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Chewing gum is invented as a breath refreshing confectionery. However, over a period, manufacturers have introduced a variety of products in various flavors and additional health benefitting ingredients. For instance, WUGUM has introduced a variety of functional chewing gum that gives various health benefits apart from fresh breath. The company has introduced the gum that helps in speeding up the tanning process. This chewing gum contains Vitamin C, E, D3, Lycopene and Beta carotene. The consumption of these types of gum prepares the skin for the sun exposure by strengthening and thus helps in obtaining the tan faster. The company has also introduced chewing gum that helps in increasing sexual vigor in both sexes.

Functional Chewing Gum Market - Top Brands & Function

Brand Function
WUGUM After party, tanning, chewing gum containing lactic acid bacteria, sexual wellness, and others
Fertin Vision gum
Bach Flower Clarity and stamina, courage and determination, peace and calmness


Cancer detecting chewing gum has also been introduced. An Alabama based volatile analysis has developed a gum that detects lunch cancer, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer. The human body produces a different type of volatile organic compounds that are unique to each type of cancer. Thus, different types of the chemical are exhaled, and parts of the chemical compound get stuck on the chewing gum. The scientist can detect cancer by testing it later. Thus, the patients will not have to go through blood tests or biopsies.

Thus, with such innovative elements added to chewing gum manufacturing can increase the health benefits for consumers. This will increase the demand  during the forecast period.

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