Most Exhaustive Report

Pet Grooming Products Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024

Most Exhaustive Report

Pet Grooming Products Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 2019-2024

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This market research report on the pet grooming market covers sizing and forecast, market share, industry trends, growth drivers, and vendor analysis. The market study includes insights on segmentation by products (shampoo and conditioners, brushes and combs, hair clippers and trimmers, wall clipper and flier, and others), pets (cat, dogs, and other animals), distribution (supermarkets & hypermarkets, specialty stores, veterinary clinics, internet retailing, and others), and geography (North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and MEA).

Pet Grooming Products Market: Dynamics

The increasing acceptance of the pet parenting concept is a major factor driving the sale of pet grooming products

The rising popularity of mobile pet grooming services is likely to drive the pet grooming market. Hectic lifestyle, improved disposable incomes, and the rise in the number of old pet owners are the major factors driving the growth of mobile grooming services. Unlike traditional pet grooming service providers, mobile pet groomers provide flexibility in services. Hence, the growing pet groomer services and the increasing pet adoption are likely to increase the scope of the pet grooming market. 

Further, the acceptance of the pet parenting concept is a significant factor driving the sale of grooming products. Vendors are exploring opportunities in the pet grooming market to commercialize their products and services. Hence, the humanization of pets is expected to boost the pet food market, thereby increasing the demand for high-quality grooming products and services. 

The growing demand for natural, organic, and eco-friendly pet products is further driving the natural pet grooming products market. Consumers are increasingly looking for organic or natural pet grooming products, including shampoo and sprays. Although these products constitute a small and premium segment in the overall pet grooming market, the demand is likely to drive the market during the forecast period. 

Premiumization is expected to influence the pet grooming products market. Increased product innovations are highly influencing pet grooming business. Dog sunscreen, deodorants, and other cosmetics are increasingly becoming popular among pet owners.

Hence, the rise in the pet parenting concept, the increased adoption of shelter pets and stability in the economic situation are likely to drive the pet grooming products market during the forecast period.  The pet grooming products market is expected to reach close to $6 billion by 2024, growing at an impressive CAGR of over 5% during 2018–2024.

 Pet Grooming Products Market: Segmentation

The market research report includes detailed market segmentation by products, pets, distribution channels, and geography.

Pet Grooming Products Market: Products

The awareness of pet grooming is increasing the demand for specialized shampoos and conditioners

One of the primary drivers for the growth of the pet shampoo market is the rising pet care awareness worldwide. Vendors are continuously introducing specialized pet shampoos and conditioners which is contributing to the growth of the pet care market. The segment is expected to witness increased growth in the APAC region due to the rising disposable income and the increasing number of pet ownership.

Brushing and combining of pet’s hair or coat forms an important part of pet grooming and constitutes the second-largest segment for the pet grooming market.

Similarly, the trimming, cutting, and other grooming segments are likely to increase their shares during the forecast period because of the need to improve the appearance of the pet and maintain hygiene. Also, the rise in awareness of pet growing is driving the market for trimming and styling products.

The increased availability of grooming products through online as well as offline channels is likely to drive the pet brush and comb and nail clippers market during the forecast period. Also, the increasing grooming expos are boosting the pet grooming products market.  

Pet Grooming Products Market: Pet Types

The demand for premium and specialized pet grooming products is a crucial factor for high shares in North America and Europe markets

Dogs and cats are the most commonly adopted pet worldwide. The growing popularity of the pet humanization concept, the increasing integration of grooming products in the pet retail market, the growing mobile grooming services, and the rising pet ownership are increasing the pet grooming products market share in 2018. The high demand for premium and specialized grooming products is a key factor for high shares of North America and Europe. However, the other animal segment is also significantly contributing to the growth of pet grooming products market.

Pet Grooming Products Market: Distribution

Internet retailing is expected to witness rapid growth during the forecast period

Supermarkets and hypermarkets are the most popular distribution modes of pet products in the pet grooming products market. Grooming products are mainly sold through retail distribution channels such as pet superstores and pet shops, veterinary clinics, supermarkets and hypermarkets and other stores such as departmental stores, pet breeders, variety stores, warehouse clubs, pharmacies and drugstore, and kiosks.

The growing trend of pet humanization and the increased demand for premium pet products have boosted the retail distribution market significantly. Further, the onset of mass-premium products has led to the sale of premium products in mass merchants, thereby increasing the sale of pet products in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Pet specialty stores, veterinary clinics, and online retailing are the other modes of product distribution, which are significantly contributing to the pet grooming market. Internet retailing constituted over 6% of the market share in 2018. However, this distribution model is expected to witness rapid growth during the forecast period due to the increased preference of millennials to shop online and the availability of attractive subscription programs. While the supermarkets and hypermarkets accounted for the highest share of the pet distribution market, the internet retailing is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period.

 Pet Grooming Products Market: Geography

The popularity of the pet humanization concept is expected to drive the APAC market by 2024

The introduction of innovative pet products, the popularity of the pet humanization concept, the high number of pet ownership, and the increased demand for premium pet care products are expected to drive the market in North America during the forecast period.

Europe accounted for the second-largest market for grooming products in 2018. The growing pet population, the rise in internet retailing in Europe, and changing lifestyles, including delayed marriages, are supporting the pet care products. Further, the premiumization of pet care products is being experienced in the Europe market.

APAC is expected to emerge as the fastest market during the forecast period. The growing pet ownership, changing demographics, improving socio-economic conditions, and the concept of pet humanization are driving the APAC market during the forecast period.

Key Profiled Countries

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa
  • UK
  • US

Key Vendors Analysis

The global pet grooming market is fragmented in nature, where market vendors are competing based on product quality, new products, and competitive pricing. Thus, consumer choices and preferences differ from region to region and keep changing over time in response to geographical, demographic, and social trends, economic circumstances, and marketing efforts of competitors. Due to the highly competitive and volatile environment, the future market growth mainly depends on the ability to expect, measure, and adapt to constantly changing market trends and successfully introduce new or improved products promptly. The market is characterized by the presence of diversified global vendors with few local vendors and regional vendors who are finding it challenging to compete with global players, especially in terms of quality and technology. The competition in the pet grooming products market is expected to intensify during the forecast period with an increase in product innovations, technological innovations, and mergers and acquisitions. Several players are expected to widen their reach during the forecast period, particularly in the APAC region.

Key Vendors

  • Spectrum Brand Holdings
  • Beaphar
  • Ferplast SPA
  • Johnson Veternary Products
  • PetEdge
  • Hagen Inc.
  • Rosewood Pet Products
  • Ryan’s Pet Supplies
  • The Hartz Mountain Corp.
  • Wahl Clipper Corp.
  • Cardinal Laboratories
  • Ancol Pet Products
  • PBI Gordon Corp.
  • Davis Manufacturing Veterinary Products
  • Earthbath
  • SynergyLabs LLC
  • Miracle Care
  • Pet Brands Inc
  • PETCO Animal Suppliers
  • Central Garden and Pet Company
  • GiebButtercut
  • Petmate
  • Coastal Pet Products
  • Millers Forge
  • Chris Christensen System
  • Bio-derm Laboratories
  • Tropiclean
  • All4Pets
  • 21st Century Animal Healthcare
  • Farouk Systems Inc.
  • Burt’s Bees
  • Conair Corp.
  • Ceva Animal Health
  • The Company of Animals
  • Skout’s Honor

Key Market Insights

The report provides the following insights into the pet grooming market for the forecast period 2019–2024.

  • Offers market sizing and growth prospects of the pet grooming products market for the forecast period 2019–2024.
  • Provides comprehensive insights on the latest industry trends, market forecast, and growth drivers in the pet grooming products market.
  • Includes a detailed analysis of market growth drivers, challenges, and investment opportunities.
  • Delivers a complete overview of market segments and the regional outlook of the market.
  • Offers an exhaustive summary of the vendor landscape, competitive analysis, and key market strategies to gain a competitive advantage in the pet grooming products market.


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