Dog Pet Food Market Will Dominate Pet Food Market in US


The US pet food market, a latest report published by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence, states that the dog pet food market in US will dominate the market in the US as it is likely to contribute the maximum revenue. The report offers inclusive and in-depth analysis of the pet food market in US. It includes the leading trends, drivers, opportunities and growth restraints of the market.

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Dog Pet Food Market in US: Market Scenario and Forecast

The demand for pets is high in North America and dogs dominate the number of pets bought and adopted. With increasing popularity of the “adopt don’t shop” campaign, the number of dogs adopted is increasing significantly.

Consumers in the region are health conscious, and the demand for natural and organic food has increased in the region. The consumers in the region are also demanding organic and natural food for their pets. The demand for grain-free dog pet food has also increased due to its health benefits such as healthy skin, shiny coat, low shedding of hair and other such benefits.  The demand for premium, organic dog pet food has increased in the region and is expected to increase exponentially during the forecast period. 

Manufacturers have introduced dog pet food for all types of breeds and ages. Since the nutrient requirements for different breeds are different, a special type of dog pet food is available for each type of dogs. Many vendors offer subscription for dog food.  With increased competition and introduction of various innovative dog pet food products, acquisition of various vendors is expected to continue during the forecast period. 

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Cat Food Market in US: Market Scenario and Forecast

Cat is the second most adopted or bought pet animal in the US. They require less attention and energy than dogs and are more independent in nature, thus many people prefer cats over dogs as pets. The trend of giving healthy, organic and natural cat food can also be seen among cat owners. A variety of cat foods is available in the market such as raw food, wet and dry cat food. The popularity of grain-free cat food is also increasing.

Other Animals Food Market in US : Market Scenario and Forecast

The demand for pet food has increased due to increased number of birds, reptiles, and other small animals as pets. Pet shops have observed increasing sales of accessories and pet food by new owners.  

Food suppliers not only have witnessed a rise in food orders from existing bird owners, but also from new hobbyists (evident because they tend to order everything that you would need to start out keeping birds). Also, pet shops that have not sold pet bird food before, have started to stock pet food due to increased demand.

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The complete overview of the latest market research report on the US pet food market by Arizton is now available.

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