Hand Sanitizer Market in US

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Hand Sanitizer Market in US - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025

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Hand Sanitizer Market in US

Most Exhaustive Report

Hand Sanitizer Market in US - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2020-2025

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The US hand sanitizer market size is expected to reach $1 billion, growing at a CAGR of over 20%  by 2025.

US hand sanitizer market size



This US hand sanitizer market research report covers market size and forecast,  industry trends, growth drivers, and vendor analysis. This study includes insights on the segmentation by Product (gel-based, liquid, foam-based, hand wipes, and spray), End-user (healthcare, hospitality, residential, corporate, government & military, and education), Distribution Channel (retail and online), and Geography (US)


The sales of hand sanitizers in the US found their peak growth period during 2009−2010 when the H1N1 virus outbreak worst hit the country in 2009. The recent pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 has also impacted the market growth. The US is the largest region for the hand hygiene wash and sanitization industry in the world. These outbreaks have driven the demand for hygiene products significantly.  The hand sanitizer market report forecasts that the average demand across the globe is likely to witness a phenomenal rise of over 600% in 2020. The US hand sanitizer market has been witnessing a surge in demand for usage and manufacturing since the eruption of COVID-19 pandemic. This peak is likely to continue for the next two years and would start to normalize after 2022.

There are ample opportunities for the US hand sanitizer market players to expand and boost their market presence outside the US region. As the hand sanitizer market in China is growing due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Similarly, the hand sanitizer market in India is going to witness growth due to the booming corporate, commercial real estate, hospitality, and education sector.


  • The liquid and gel sanitizers in the US are expected to experience an incremental growth of over $800 million and $600 million, respectively, by 2020.
  • The revenue from the healthcare segment is expected to reach revenue of over $900 million by 2025.
  • The online distribution segment in the US is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 26% due to the high penetration of smartphones and handheld gadgets, coupled with the availability of high-speed internet access across borders.



The research report offers analysis on the hand sanitizer market statistics with detailed classification and market size of each segment (product, end-user, distribution, and geography)


The sale of Gel-based hand sanitizers witnessed about 73% spike in March 2020 in the US amidst the outbreak of COVID-19. The ease of use and cost-effectiveness is boosting the sale of these handrubs among customers. The increasing application of hand antiseptics in the healthcare segment is likely to contribute to the growth of the US hand sanitizer market size in this end-user segment. Construction, manufacturing, painting and decoration sectors are the major end-users of Liquid sanitizers.


Although the healthcare sector has been one of the primary users of hand sanitizer in the US, it is expected to gain significant shares by 2025 due to the eruption of COVID-19.  The rise in hospital-associated infections is another major factor influencing the growth of the US hand sanitizer market size. With such rising awareness about contagious infections and the importance of maintaining hygiene among individuals, the sale of sanitizer products in the healthcare sector has observed a rise. Vendors such as Gojo Industries (owner of Purell sanitizer) have complete hygiene solutions developed for various hospitals in the US. This increased usage in the healthcare segment is propelling the growth of Purell hand sanitizer market share during the forecast period.

The increased adoption in the residential sector will propel the US hand sanitizer market share for the residential segment by 2025. Households with small babies/infants or children are more hygiene conscious. Smaller children have a weak immune system and are more prone to a wide variety of infectious diseases. This factor has led to a rise in the usage of sanitizers in the residential sector. The US region witnessed over 70% and 260% increase in the expense of handrubs and household masks, respectively, in Feb 2020. Over the years, the military segment has emerged as the major end-users on account of continuous exposure to unhygienic surroundings and infection-ridden places.


The distribution through retail stores is a substantial revenue generating opportunity for various vendors across the global hand sanitizer market. Retail stores, in general, are a significant market capturing platform for any vendor operating in the region. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are some of the store options where vendors can sell their products. However, small retail shops or departmental stores can boost sales through better relations with retailers. Reckitt Benckiser’s Dettol and Unilever’s Lifebuoy are some of the renowned brands, which occupy large shelf spaces.

Some vendors have established relationships with e-tailers to sell their range of products at a specified price while maintaining customer relations. For instance,  Reckitt Benckiser’s (Owner of Dettol) customers are directed to amazon.com for the purchase of the products expecting to increase the Dettol hand sanitizer market share. So, the vendors must realize that the online mode of distribution is equally important as the offline medium of product sales and distribution. Digital sales have been a relevant contributor to the overall revenue generation due to the high rate of technology adoption across geographies and easy accessibility to the internet and other online sales media.


The U.S hand sanitizer market is currently highly fragmented with many local and international players. The competition is intense. The rapidly changing technological environment could adversely affect vendors as customers expect continual innovations and upgrades in personal hygiene and sanitization products. The competition between vendors exists based on offerings, variety, and pricing. Vendors are using new business models and focusing on developing the portfolio of their establishments to drive growth. The focus is heavily shifting toward the use of organic and natural products.

Key Vendors

  • The 3M Company
  • GOJO Industries
  • Procter & Gamble (P&G)
  • Reckitt Benckiser
  • Unilever
  • Vi-Jon

Other Prominent VendorsBath & Body Works, Best Sanitizers, BODE Chemie, Chattem, Cleenol Group, Deb Group, EcoHydra, Ecolab, Henkel, Kimberly-Clark, Christeyns Food Hygiene, Kutol Products Company, Linkwell, Lion Corporation, Medline Industries, Safetec of America, The Himalaya Drug Company, Vectair Systems, Whiteley Corporation, and Zoono Group


The analysis  provides the  following insights:

  • Offers the size of the hand sanitizer market and growth prospects for the forecast period 2020–2025.
  • Provides comprehensive insights on the latest industry trends, forecast, and growth drivers in the market.
  • Includes a detailed analysis of growth drivers, challenges, and investment opportunities.
  • Delivers a complete overview of segments and the regional outlook of the industry.
  • Offers an exhaustive summary of the vendor landscape, competitive analysis, and key strategies to gain competitive advantage.


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