Sanitary Protection Market in China

Most Exhaustive Report

Sanitary Protection Market in China - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022

Sanitary Protection Market in China

Most Exhaustive Report

Sanitary Protection Market in China - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022

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Sanitary protection products such as sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cups, and pantyliners are used by women in the age group of 13–49 years during their menstrual cycles. Sanitary napkins, tampons, and pantyliners are made up of cloth, synthetic, organic materials, and absorbent chemicals.

Analysts at Arizton expect that the sanitary protection market in China is likely to witness high growth during the period 2016−2022. The market is expected to reach 16.8 billion, growing at a CAGR close to 4.5% during 2016−2022. Increasing workforce participation is one of the major factors for the increased sale of sanitary protection products in China. Further, it is expected that increase in female earnings in China will induce the preference among women in the region for premium sanitary products. 

The report provides a holistic view of the market, the companies involved in the market, and the factors driving its growth. The report also provides information on some of the latest trends that have started to surface and are likely to become strong market driving forces over the next five years. This report also provides the Porter’s Five Forces analysis along with a description of each force and its impact on the market. Further, the report also provides complete value chain analysis of the sanitary protection market in China.

Sanitary Protection Market in China: Key Vendor Analysis

Intense competition among local and global vendors

The sanitary protection market in China is likely to witness intense competition among local and foreign sanitary protection product manufacturers. Companies such as Hengan, P&G, Uni-Charm, and Kimberley-Clark are the most prominent brand in China for sanitary protection care. While the majority of foreign brands serve to the high-end market, distributing their products in first-tier cities, and local brands cater mainly to the low-end market, with the majority of the products served in second and third-tier cities. Many international companies have either set up their manufacturing units in China or acquired or collaborated with local companies to reduce manufacturing cost.

Other prominent vendors are Fujian Shuangheng Group Co., Fujian Quanzhou Luojiang Foreign Trade CO., Hangzhou Qianzhiya Sanitary Products Co., Jinhan Women & Baby Sanitary Products Co., Lil-lets, Moxie, Natracare, New Sensation Sanitary Product Co., Roselee Sanitary Napkin Manufacturing Co., Shandong Saite New Material Co., Shenzhen Rockbrook Daily Products Co., Win Hope International Industrial Co., Xiamen Amor Hygiene Products Co., and Xiamen Yuxiang Sanitary Products Co.

Sanitary Protection Market Dynamics in China

Growth in hygiene awareness and increased number of girls reaching early puberty are the factors driving the market growth

The early onset of puberty has led to the increased demand for sanitary protection products such as sanitary pads and pantyliners in the region. Further, the influence of internet on consumers’ purchasing behaviour and increased awareness about personal hygiene products are among the other important factors that are likely to drive the market growth during the forecast period.

Introduction of innovative environment-friendly sanitary products is one of the newest trends that has a positive impact on the market growth.  Also, easy availability of sanitary products in the region has fuelled the demand for these products. Local as well as international players are offering various types of products catering to different requirement of women in the region. Increasing women workforce participation in the regions has increased the demand for comfortable and high-quality sanitary protection products. Hence, manufacturers are focusing on introducing advanced sanitary protection products.

Sanitary Protection Market in China: Segmental Analysis

The sanitary napkin market in China is expected to post a CAGR of 4.32%.

Sanitary napkins constitute approximately 88% of the total sanitary protection market in China. The segment will remain as the largest segment during the forecast period. The demand for slim, thin, and ultra-thin sanitary napkins is expected to increase during the forecast period due to the changing demand from working, active women.  Though the demand for tampons and menstrual cups is low in the region, it is expected to increase with the increasing awareness and the demand for more comfortable sanitary protection products.

The revenue generated by the sale of sanitary protection products through physical stores or offline channels made up 85.53% of the market in 2016, clearly indicating that majority of consumers prefer to buy sanitary protection products from physical stores. However, due to the growth of online retailing, the online channel is expected to post a high growth rate over the next five years. Key retail formats for the sale of sanitary protection products include hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and drug stores. 


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