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Robotic Lawn Mower Market in Europe - Industry Outlook and Forecast 2017-2022
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  • Published on : September 2017

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A robotic lawn mower is a service robot. It is used to mow yards, gardens, lawns, parks, golf courses, and other commercial spaces. An autonomous mower functions without human intervention within a defined area closed by a perimeter wire.

The robotic lawn mower market in Europe is likely to grow at a CAGR of 16.57% in volume terms during 2016−2022. The demand for robotic lawn mowers will also be fuelled by the growth of the residential sector in Europe.  The rise in construction of new residential properties will propel the demand for landscaping services, which, in turn, will boost the replacement of old lawn mowers, thereby boosting demand for robotic lawn mowers as they are among the latest trends in the market.


The report provides a holistic view of the robotic lawn mower market in Europe, the companies involved in the market, and the factors driving its growth. The report also provides information on some of the latest trends that have started to surface and are likely to become strong market driving forces over the next five years. This report also provides Porter’s Five Forces analysis along with a description of each force and its impact on the market. Further, the report also provides the complete value chain analysis of the robotic lawn mower market in Europe.

Robotic Lawn Mower Market in Europe: Key Vendor Analysis

The growing number of entrants to dilute the market

The robotic lawn mower market in Europe is highly concentrated with a limited number of small and large-sized players. The competition among the players is intense. The lawn mower market concentration in Europe is high as major global vendors are based and headquartered in the region. A growing number of new entrants and the increasing presence of Chinese vendors that provide low-cost robotic lawn mowers in the region are expected to dilute the market concentration in the future.  

Major vendors profiled in the report are as following:

  • Friendly Robotic/Robomow
  • STIGA (Global Garden Products)
  • Husqvarna
  • Robert Bosch
  • Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS)

Other prominent vendors in the market include AL-KO, Yamabiko Europe (Belrobotics), Deere & Co., E. ZICOM, Hangzhou Favor Robot Technology, Hitachi, Honda, Kobi, LG, Linea Tielle, Mamirobot EU, Milagrow HumanTech, MTD Products, Positec Tool (WORX), STIHL, Turflynx

Robotic Lawn Mower Market in Europe: Market Dynamics

Preference for smart robotic technologies and adoption of the smart home to drive the market

The resolution of safety hazards, the growth of landscaping services industry, and rise in marketing efforts and promotional activities are the major factors that are driving the market growth. Similarly, increased demand for smart technology, the influence of the internet in shaping buyers’ behavior, and high adoption of smart homes are the emerging trends and opportunities for the market growth in Europe.  The report also covers the possible challenges that the market are likley to confront during the forecast period. Increased competition from Chinese vendors and volatile price of raw materials are some of the restraints that can slow down the growth of the robotic lawn mower market in Europe.

Robotic Lawn Mower Market in Europe: Segmental Overview

Residential end-user segment to dominate the market

The residential end-user segment of the market is likely to dominate the robotic lawn mower market in Europe both in terms of revenue and unit shipments. Vendors have started to offer robotic lawn mowers for specific commercial purposes in Europe. Earlier, Belrobotics (Yamabiko Europe) was the only player catering to the needs for sports fields and golf clubs. However, with time, Ambrogio entered the market with robotic lawn mowers. Similarly, the small-sized segment is likley to dominate the market during the forecast period. The online distribution model for the robotic lawn mower market is strong and is set to witness a healthy growth in the next few years.

Robotic Lawn Mower Market in Europe : Key Countries Analysis

Germany to contribute maximum revenue to the market

Germany is expected to be a dominant country in the Europe region contributing the maximum revenue to the region. Changes in the market in terms of decrease in prices; increased propensity to spend; and demand for time-saving mowing options are fueling the demand for robotic lawn mowers in the country. Husqvarna, GGP, ZCS, and Robert Bosch are the leading vendors in the market in Germany. Sweden is the second largest European country to contribute in the Europe robotic lawn mower market. The high disposable household income in Sweden has propelled the demand for robotic lawn mowers. In addition, Sweden is home to the largest robotic lawn mower vendor, Husqvarna, and Auto mower and GGP’s (STIGA’s) STIGA are known as Sweden’s one of the most known robotic lawn mower brands.


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