North America Likely to Emerge as the Largest Maternity Care Market by 2023


Maternity Care Market – Global Outlook and Forecast 2017–2023 is the latest report published by Arizton Advisory & Intelligence. The report includes an in-depth analysis of the global maternity care market including major trends and opportunities, market drivers, restraints, leading geographies, and major vendors in the global market.

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According to the report the maternity care market in North America is going to witness huge growth and will emerge as the largest market worldwide.  Analysts at Arizton Advisory & Intelligence say that although the birth rates are declining in the region, the penetration of maternity apparels, personal care, and vitamins is high in North America.

Maternity Apparels Market in North America

With increased trend of women going to work till the end of third trimester, the demand for formal pregnancy wear is increasing in the region. A majority of prominent vendors such as ASOS, Destination Maternity, and Topshop are present in the region and hence there is an intense competition among vendors in the region. Several pregnancy daywear manufacturers also provide nightwear and innerwear.

Personal Care Market in North America

Many consumers are demanding organic or natural products due to increased awareness about the harms caused by chemicals used in various creams. Several global and local manufacturers of organic pregnancy personal care products are available in the region. The personal care products segment constitutes more than 12% of the maternity care market in North America.

Maternity Vitamins Market in North America

Increasing awareness about the ill-effects caused due to the deficiency of vitamins and minerals among pregnant women is expected to drive the demand for pre-natal and post-natal vitamins in the region. Major vendors such as Honest, Deva, New Chapter, Nature Made, and others are present in the market.

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US Dominates the Maternity Care Market in North America

The US is one of the largest maternity care markets with penetration of almost 98% compared to 90% in Western Europe and less than 5% in APAC. The US dominated the maternity care market in North America with 86% of the market share in 2016. Women in the US are more fashion conscious, and the demand for pregnancy clothing is high among pregnant women. The penetration rate of pre and post-pregnancy personal care and vitamins market is higher in the region than other countries globally. Women are more aware of various maternity vitamins and care products available in the market and their benefits. Thus, the demand for personal care and vitamins market is high.

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